The beginning of my living hell

by Annie McKenzie-Bone, aged 13

The beginning of my living hell,

Here I shall suffer and here I’ll dwell,

Off the trains come the weary cattle,

Our shepherds sound their deathly rattle.


Too weak, too scared, too sad to fight,

Strong to the left, weaklings to the right,

Farewell my sweet family,

No longer us, just only me.


May your last moments be as precious as glass,

As you dance among that deadly gas,

But only you will know your fate,

Once you are gone and it’s too late.


Why must I have a life to spare,

If it’s to be lived in despair?

Hello my shepherd, watch me dance!

His simple reply drags me into a trance.


The sound of a bullet fills the sky

I find that I’ve grown wings, I can fly!

Look! There’s my body, right down below

Goodbye my shepherd! Watch me go.


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