Displaced Memories

By Till Leeser

A photographic collection of images taken in or near to the sites of Nazi camps, exploring the nature of memory.

With Displaced Memories, Till Leeser requires that work in recalling be done without distinctness ā€“ through blurring, colours, the choice of objects ā€“ a lack of clarity that uses technique to write over and defamiliarize the sections or fragments of enclosures, walls, ceilings and buildings out of their present state.

A lack of focus which, alongside ambiguity, also creates a certain disorientation which refers to that which was, through that which is not there.

Till Buchenwald-04

Till Buchenwald-18

Till Dachau-20

Till Fuerstenberg-04

Till Fuerstenberg-07

Till Fuerstenberg-10s

Till Mauthausen-069

Till Neuengamme-025

Till Sachsenhausen-10


Till Leeser is a photographer and lecturer based in Germany.

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