Arbeit Macht Frei

By Brian Farrelly

I support this event and condemn the terrible atrocities inflicted on a peace loving people, we must never forget this.

After watching footage of the concentration Camps many years ago I felt compelled to write this poem.


They came in the morning

to take us to Jail

Beat and abused us,

the tribe of Israel.

The men dressed in black

Dragged all from their beds,

black shiny boots and silver

deaths head.


They came in the twilight

Black Angels of hate,

Marched us to rail yards

And then to the gate.

Look up son of David

Look up there and see

The words of the Fuhrer

Arbeit Macht Frei.


Long have we travelled

Long have we cried

Beaten, abused, sentenced to die,

Seeds born on winds to

The ends of the earth,

Far from our homeland

The land of our birth.


Remember your people

Honour your dead,

Remember their suffering

Their pain and their dread.


Remember the words and

The Fuhrer’s decree,

high in the air

Arbeit Macht Frei.

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