A silence fell

By Kaiesha Page

And all of a sudden a silence fell

And all of a sudden a silence fell,

Peace came upon the living hell,

Silence, such a foreign sound.

In that silence new terror found.

The living dead with startled eyes,

But no more shouting, no more cries,

Shocked soldiers at the horror they saw,

Unwarranted murder, much worse than war.

Emancipated bodies sat in wait,

Still unsure about their fate.

Waiting for death’s merciful kiss.

Nothing from this life would we really miss.

Years of horror, millions of dead,

To safety and freedom we were finally led.

I survived by my memories keep me here,

The sights I still see and the things I still hear.

I still struggle to use my words,

To describe the sights or the things that I heard.

Now remains a silence, eerie and cold,

So remains the stories that must be told.

I am a 24 year old history graduate from South Wales, who has always wanted to change the world.

Having studied the Holocaust throughout my historical career, I eventually visited Auschwitz a few years ago and the experience instilled in me a sense of purpose.

Since then I have done everything in my power to make the world a better place.

Kaiesha Page is a Holocaust Memorial Day Trust Youth Champion.

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